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Friday, February 27, 2015

Tribute to Palestinians and Syrians

This card I wrote especially for my brothers and sisters in Palestine and Syria. In the delivery of the parcel along with the other necessities for winter, in the pockets of the sweatshirts, I included with it a card. A card written with hope and faith that the person who would received these winter coats will share what I have written for him/her with all my Muslim brothers and sisters there. The purpose of this letter is no other than to give and share with my brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria etc the faith we have for them, to those who fight with their life to protect Palestine and Syria. Imany ways, you are given help and aid from people all around the world in even the smallest deed. Thus, with this, I hope you are well aware that the pain you feel, the suffering you live with are felt within the hearts of millions. Even in sadness and in grief we aspire and pray for happiness in your life.  The assurance of life and death, promised by our one and only Lord, is not a thing to be questioned, a control that is not given to the hands of His slave

Just as the late Deah BarakahYusor Muhammad and Razan Mohamad and all the other lives that were taken in this fight for Islam and justice in Palestine and Syria, this post is a remembrance to all of them, a tribute that is also given to Kenji Goto and Yukimura Ken. Two precious lives that were also taken during their journey on towards the same goal. May this heartfelt story inspire others to see the beauty of As Syahid. The thought of Deah Barakah have not yet left this mind, the things that happened to him and the others have planted itself in this heart. These feelings that are felt are too strong, maybe because of how our age is similar. To whatever it is, none other than Allah will this heart turn to, for He is the ultimate source of strength to this unlikely weak being.

I hope this post will inspire others too to keep on giving supports to our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, in fact to all Muslims around the world. Even with only smallest deeds that we can afford to contribute, it'll simply going to create the brightest smiles on their faces.