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Monday, November 4, 2013

Still exist! Lalala~ suprising post!

Alhamdulillah:) just a short brief post for tonight:) awkward pulak sbb dh berbulan2 blog ni ditinggalkan yak berpenghuni>.< just to let the followers know that im still exist:) alhamdulillah:)

InsyaAllah,this 24th november will be participating utk international speech contest dlm bahasa jepun>.< sbb sblom ni jd school representative smua guna bahasa english and melayu shj, and ttbe kali ni 180 degree gedebuk bertukar kpd bahasa japanese, am seriously had severe culture shockkkkk! Subhanallah, but the thing is i'm glad that Allah has given me a lot of suprising chances to deliver the message of Islam to the community here. Really, i'm very7 thankful to Allah for that:) doakan, moga ilham yg Allah kurniakan utk speech contest kali ini, mampu dicerna dgn akal dan hati mereka. Soal menang atau kalah, itu tolak tepi kanan kiri depan belakanggg.. Yg penting, moga ada ibrah yg blh diambil. Amiin Amiin. Doakan kami plsss.. InsyaAllah, will be participating with a sahabat of mine, Mazni..alhamdulillah, last time, i hntr satu msj kat mazni regarding this speech contest stuff kan. And we discussed about our speech contents wktu tu. Alhamdulillah! Contents speech kami lbih kurang sama:) wee~ To let them-the community here know about the purpose of living, for what we're created in this world, and for every creation, there must be an ultimate Creator! Tp in a simple way je.. Sbb tak nk depa pening2 lalat plak dnga kami berceloteh kt depan>.< doakan moga Allah permudahkn urusan kami yer:) amiin:) 

Ok, the end of my post:) 

She's a pretty senpai of mine:) very delicate, dedicated and beautiful inside out:') 

Motivation for dear sahabah: 
If u have faith, u dont need proof-u live it. U dont need to have all the right answers, just the right questions. No one knows what the future holds. Most of the time, Allah's plan is beyond our grasp and often beyond even the reach of our imaginations. U and i cannot see what Allah has in store for us. That is why u should never believe that your worst fears are your fate or what when u are down,u will never rise again. U must have faith in yourself,in your purpose, and in Allah's plan for your life. Then u must put fears and insecurities aside and trust that u will find your way. U may not have a clue of what lies ahead, but it's better to act on life than simply let life act on u..