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Monday, February 25, 2013

My Shin Chan!

My laos's friend, Pouy, ever told me that, i really treat both of my younger siblings like my own daughters. And i replied her," ahaha! Really? Didnt realised it.But why u said like that?" "Because everynight u will keep on scrolling your photo album and see both aisyah's and beb pictures before u sleep",she replied. "Haha!really? No la, Actually, maybe i feel like that because i saw both of them growing up in front of me when i'd already reached my real teenage.( real teenage tu sbb mse tu bru rse mcm "oh!! best nye jd seorg kakak!!"wee!!) all the way since they're still a toddlers. Then suddenly i just have to leave them while they're in need of the their sisters' loves and cares. i'm the only one missing." Sob3.. Akak nk nangis dah ni:(

Will be home soon my sisters:) akak definitely miss all of u:')

Just bought two pairs of crocs for both of my 'daughters'today. Haha! Cant help myself.. Kali ni omiyage utk sume org dh beli except for aqilah.. Still thinking nk beli ape utk dye.. Wee!

Nk ckp tu jerhh=.=' mengada!! Ni sume sbb belek gmbr2 adik kt dlm fb td.

Assalamualaikum wbt:)

p/s: conversation antara sy and pouy adalah dlm bhase jepun yer:) yg kt ats translation jer:)