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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just things that i need to say


Rasenye mcm dh berabad lamenye xupdate blog kan:') sobsss.. Kesedihan Melampauuuu!

Just nk bgtaw kt cnie, recently smenjak dh dlete application facebook dlm iphone jd kurang aktif sket utk m'update status2.. *cheh, bajet retis ko pkahhh:p

Reason utk mendelete app FB dlm phone tu, sbb nk exam kononnye:pp but, seriously, this time it really works!!! Mantoppp ko pkah!! Klo dlu, sblom exam chewahh kononnye nk deactivate FB, tp hampehhh! At last, bukak blik account sblom due date! penat buat pinky promise ,tp jnji x dikotakan lgsung! Hehe! Marah kt diri sendiri. Never thought that deleting this apps is the best way that i can do in order to avoid myself to spend soooo much time on FB. Yep, basically, i didnt use FB to do those lagha things..(i hope so) except for certain things i guess. For instance, if i need to stalk someone! Someone tue refers to sape2 la at that time sy rase curious nk tahu. Wee! Dont blame me.. Bcos im a type of person yg mcm cacing kepanasan if curious sgt pd sesuatu bnda. And if i cant figure out that particular things at that time, seriously, the curiosity can kills me inside out! Haha!

Ok, so jgn heran kalo sy jrg update fb ke ape..maybe from now on, i'll be more on blog. I guess so.. I got my own twitter? But things doesnt seems right there. People tend to judge.. Even if you're perfect people will still judge u, then why bother? =.=' this judgemental things always happen to me since i'm in highschool. Like seriously, the cycle is still runnning.. Tp xpe. I know what am i doing.. And as long, everything that i've tweeted i already told everything to Allah, the One and Only who really understand me better than any other people does..

But still i'm on my twitter.. :) maybe la ade some of my tweet yg mcm x matured ke hape, but whyyyyyy.. I mean, xkn la xbole nk tweet mcm gune bhase pasar tu kan....

And i do make my twitter as a platform to remind others too.. And to make self-reflections too:)

Ok, salam dr akita:)

Cant u notice that there's something missing in that picture?! Aha!